Innovation and Development

SOIC began to perform the research projects sponsored by government from 1989, which expected to explore the advance technologies in ship industries based on the experiences of ship design and industry services. At first, the technologies involving merchandise ships were developed including the structural and fluid dynamic simulation, ship seakeeping performance analysis under wind and wave, integrated digital ship monitoring system; With the development of yacht industries, SOIC also investigated the composite materials design and analysis techniques, digital ship yacht technology, and hybrid-electric green technology; With the promotion of sustainable energy, offshore wind is another topic SOIC involves, based on the expertise in ship industries, SOIC developed the design and analysis technologies of working vessels and equipment, besides, the safety evaluation techniques such loadouts, marine transportation, sea-fastening during marine operation are also developed. In the future, the technologies involving floating platform will be explored.

Service Capabilities

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The First Commercial Hybrid Power Ferry in Asia

Taiwan’s Indigenous Defense Industry

Marine Electric Propulsion Laboratory, MPEL

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